Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup, Yokosuka Japan

Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup, Yokosuka Japan
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Free Windsurfing & SUP Trial Lessons


During the days of the event, free windsurfing and SUP (standup paddleboarding) trial lessons will be offered. Lessons range from 1-2 hours, and are open for adults or children to join (children joining must be at least 6 years of age). We will provide you with a rental wetsuit and board, so you only need to come bringing a towel and swimsuit.

Anyone is welcome to join, from beginners, to people who have experience with windsurfing but haven’t windsurfed in a long time.

Close of Application


Thursday, May 11 – Tuesday, May 16
Morning lessons starting from 10:00 / Afternoon lessons starting from 13:30
 (Lessons run on each day of the event, but may be cancelled if there is severe weather.)

Participation Eligibility

Open to anyone over the age of 6.

Number of Participants

10 spots are available each for windsurfing and SUP
(if there are too many applicants, participants will be chosen via a raffle).

Participation Fee


Trial Lessons


By using the sail attached to the board, be propelled by the wind and glide across the surface of the water. This is said to be a sport that combines both surfing and yacht sailing.

Windsurfing can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter their strength, age, or gender. Windsurfing is a lifelong sport that you can continue to enjoy, regardless of age.

After just a short time of getting the hang of it, even first-timers will soon find themselves gliding along with the wind.

Try windsurfing for yourself at the world stage of Tsukuihama Beach!

SUP (Standup Paddleboarding)

A marine sport where you stand atop a surfboard, and paddle yourself with an oar along the water’s surface.

As the boards used are stable, even first-timers are able to soon stand up on top the board.

As you leisurely follow along with the surface of the water, it’ll give you the feeling as if you’re walking on water.

This is also a sport that allows you work out and strengthen your core.

Feel free to try for yourself, the marine sport of SUP!

Trial Lesson Itinerary

Windsurfing lessons are about 2 hours, while SUP lessons are about 1 hour.

(Windsurfing Lesson) *Information is subject to change.

- Reception, change into wetsuits
- Explanation of equipment on beach, practice on land (20-30min)
- Experience in the water (30min)
- Break (10min)
- Experience in the water (20min)
- Summary on beach (5min)
- Shower, change clothes


- In the case of severe weather, the lessons may be cancelled (if cancelled, we will inform you by 8pm the day before).
- There is an availability of 10 people per the windsurfing lesson, and 10 people per the SUP lesson. If more applications are received than spots available, participants will be chosen in a raffle.
- Photography will be taken during the lessons for use for public relations. Pictures or videos of the participants may be used on places such as the event’s official website. Please be aware that there may also be media outlets that photograph for the use of the newspaper, TV, internet, etc.
- Please follow the staff’s instructions during the trial lesson for everyone’s safety.