Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup, Yokosuka Japan

Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup, Yokosuka Japan
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Food & Drink

The event area will have food and drink stands that feature two different themes of “Yokosuka & Miura Gourmet” and “World Gourmet.”

Yokosuka & Miura Gourmet

The Yokosuka and Miura areas are bountiful in food ingredients. Being surrounded on three sides by the ocean, with a moderate climate and an abundance of nature, allows for an environment rich in various seafood and agricultural products.

Enjoy fresh seafood and vegetables that have all been raised within the area, as well as local specialties from the Yokosuka and Miura areas, such as the well-known “Yokosuka Navy Curry.”

World Gourmet

An area that lets you enjoy a variety of food from other countries hosting the World Cup, as well as food from the various athletes’ countries. Try the different tastes of the World Cup!